Monday, 20 December 2021

Exporting highlights and annotations in borrowed OverDrive ebooks

OverDrive developed Libby to simplify the borrowing of digital content from public libraries. Borrowed books in Libby sync to a Kobo e-reader. However, I noticed that the ebook reading position and highlights/annotations do not sync. If using a Kobo e-reader to read a borrowed ebook, activating the hidden export feature to extract highlights and annotations is necessary. 

Using the Libby app, there is a built-in feature to export content. It is possible to have content exported in HTML or spreadsheet format. The exported content is classified into three parts: 
  • The reading journey: This includes the ebook's meta-data (title, author, publisher, and ISBN) and the percentage of the book read. 
  • Highlights: The data includes the text of the highlight and any written notes. There is further information on the date, the chapter, the location, and the colour of the highlights. 
  • Circulation: This includes the dates the title was borrowed and returned. 
After exporting the content, it is possible to share the file to a cloud drive or email.

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