Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Paperwhite Kids is the best value Kindle

I was surprised to learn that Amazon released a kids version of the Kindle Paperwhite. Interestingly the regular Kindle Paperwhite (with ads) costs £130. The Paperwhite Kids - with a bundled case, two-year worry-free guarantee, one-year Kids+ subscription and no ads (*) - costs £140. Considering the £10 differential, the Paperwhite Kids is the Kindle to get. To compare, the difference between the entry-level Kindle and its kid's version is £30. 

Furthermore, the Paperwhite Kids offers far more value than the Kids Edition. The Paperwhite Kids is £40 more than the entry-level Kids Edition while being a far better product with a bigger screen, better resolution, waterproofing and better front light.

(*) As the Kids Edition has no ads, I am assuming that the Paperwhite Kids similarly should have none.

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