Thursday, 23 September 2021

A purpose-built E Ink word processor

We have seen many products that utilise E Ink (some not appropriate considering the limitations of the technology), e.g., smartphones, monitors, note-takers, smartwatches and signage. However, one use case that hasn't been seen is a designated E Ink word processor. Onyx Boox e-readers - with their strong processors - can be used for word processing. However, for word processing, it is necessary to use third-party applications developed for tablets and smartphones. Thus, the experience of using these applications is generally poor. 

What would an E Ink word processor look like? I don't think it requires the development of a new product altogether. An option would be developing a note-taking e-reader so that its form factor can support a smart connector that attaches to a specifically designed keyboard (like Apple's iPad keyboards). 

The most significant part of the development would be the software needed for a refined typing experience, i.e., no lag with text input and simplified menus. Other features required would be a spell checker, typesetting options, footnotes, creation of tables and cloud syncing. Further, an E Ink word processor app would add value to a note-taking e-reader as many users find it difficult to spend long periods in front of a light-emitting display when writing documents.

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