Sunday, 15 August 2021

PineNote: A note-taking e-reader targeted at developers

Pine 64 are the company behind Pinebook, PineTime, PineTab and PinePhone. All the devices they release runs open-source Linux. Added to the noted devices, Pine 64 announced the release of the PineNote - a 10.1-inches note-taking e-reader. Initially, PineNote's operating system will be Manjaro Linux

The early adopter's $399 price falls within the general price range of similar devices. It should be noted that the early batch will be targeted at developers and not end-users. The goal is to develop a community of developers that will produce E-Ink friendly apps.

It is justifiable if the product's final price is higher, as it comes with a powerful processor, compared to other note-taking e-readers, and 128GB storage. 

The device itself looks very similar to the Bookeen Notéa. Thus, the PineNote probably comes from the same OEM but with different internals.

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