Thursday, 18 March 2021

The Bookeen Notéa

Bookeen is a French vendor that produces e-readers. They were one of the first companies to make an 8-inches e-reader - the Cybook Ocean 8" released in late 2014 - that was received negatively due to poor performance. Since the Cybook Ocean's failure, Bookeen took the conventional six-inches approach and released the Cybok Muse HD, Cybook Muse Light, Saga, Diva and Diva HD. However, while these e-readers were not ground-breaking, the accessories were innovative. First, Bookeen produced a solar-powered cover for the Cybook Ocean that can re-charge the e-reader. The innovation continued with the Bookeen Saga, with a built-in silicone case that provided extra protection if dropped. Bookeen also released notebook-style cases for the Diva range (I particularly like this one). 

It appears Bookeen has decided to change track and release a larger e-reader - the Bookeen Notéa. The Notéa is a 10.3-inches note-taking e-reader that is competitively priced at 399 Euros (it is available from Amazon UK for £345). In terms of design, the e-reader looks similar to the reMarkable 2. I have no idea about Bookeen's software, but as the Notéa runs on Android 8.1, it is possible to install third-party applications. There is no information on the processor, so it is not clear how its performance compares to other note-taking e-readers. Considering the price is close to the Onyx Boox Note Air, it makes sense to choose the latter. The Onyx Boox Note Air likely has a better processor, more RAM, a newer version of Android and capable software.

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