Monday, 18 January 2021

Mobius or Carta?

According to Kobo, the Forma has an E-Ink Carta screen. At the same time, it is also marketed as a durable e-reader with E-ink's Mobius technology. This raises the question: Is the display Carta or Mobius? The answer is both. E-Ink Carta is an FPL (Front Panel Laminate) with either a glass or plastic substrate. Specifically, Mobius technology points to the plastic-based substrate within the display. Instead of a glass-based layer, the plastic one is more flexible, lighter and capable of withstanding greater pressure. As the Mobius substrate is more rugged, it is suitable for larger e-readers due to the greater screen estate. 

Other than the plastic-based layer, devices like the Onyx Boox Note 3 also have a glass layer on the display. In the case of the Note 3, this means writing with a hard tip stylus does not scratch the screen. Screen scratching with stylus input was a problem with the Onyx Boox Note and Max 2 - both released in 2018 - due to the absence of a glass front layer. 

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