Wednesday, 13 January 2021

First TCL NXTPAPER tablet announced

It appears TCL NXTPAPER has moved from speculative prototype to a real-world product. TCL announced the release of an 8.88-inches tablet that it initially announced in September 2020. The tablet has 1440 x 1080 pixels and a 60Hz refresh rate. Based on TCL marketing, this means, other than reading, the ability to stream multimedia content.

Oddly, TCL state the NXTPAPER tablet supports adaptive brightness:

Move seamlessly between bright light and dark light with TCL NXTPAPER. Automatic adaptive brightness detects the ambient light of your environment and adjusts brightness and colour temperature accordingly for the best viewing.

Considering the TCL NXTPAPER has a transflective display with no backlight, it is unclear why adaptive brightness is advertised. Could the NXTPAPER - similar to an E-Ink e-reader - come with a front light? 

On the positive side, TCL state the NXTPAPER will support stylus input. However, it is not known what technology the TCL T-Pen supports. 

TCL also does not make the estimated battery life clear. Other than stating the battery capacity to be 5500mAh, it is not known what this means in estimated battery time considering the display technology’s novelty. The tablet will be released in April 2021, so more will be known later.


  1. I do not find any specs, video or site which supports the claim that the nxtpaper tablet shall be stylus - capable. Could you provide a source?


  2. The information is from their website. Below is what they state:

    Go beyond a normal pencil with the incredibly responsive T-Pen. Note taking, sketching, editing and highlighting flow when the high-precision touch screen and T-Pen meet to help you unleash the magic of your mind.