Friday, 30 October 2020

Kobo Libra H20 accessories

The a-symmetric design of the Kobo Libra H20 means universal 7-inches cases will not be compatible with the e-reader. Thus, it becomes necessary to find a cover designed specifically for the Libra H20 or a sleeve whose dimensions can fit the extra width of the device. Below are two covers and one sleeve that I recommend:

  • The official Kobo cover is well-designed - it has an origami design that is relatively lightweight despite the front having magnets. The best feature is the magnets at the front that locks it to the back when folded. It is a simple design feature - one also used by Amazon with its official cases - that means the front cover doesn't flap or get in the way when reading. Also, the front magnets allow the case to be folded into a stand for hands-free reading. The Kobo sleep cover comes in four different colours - aqua, black, grey and rose.
  • Gecko, it seems, has worked with Tolino to produce some eye-catching covers. These covers can be purchased via, and some can be found on (Gecko also sell the same covers branded with their logo). The covers are compatible with the Kobo Libra H20, as they are designed for the Tolino Vision 5 (both e-readers have identical dimensions). I own the blue/yellow version, and the quality is excellent - the front has a fabric texture feel, and the inside is made of soft feeling, durable plastic. One downside with the cover is that it weighs 125 grams, which makes it slightly heavier than the official Kobo one (the official Kobo cover weighs 110 grams).
  • It is difficult to find a sleeve that fits the Libra H20. Thalia, in collaboration with Tolino, sells sleeves explicitly designed to fit the Tolino Vision 5. One alternative sleeve that fits the Libra H20 that I use is the Targus A7. The sleeve is made of three layers, one of which is water-resistant. The extra padding offers better protection but also means at 110 grams the A7 is slightly heavier than other 7-inches sleeves. Overall, the excess weight is a trade-off that is worth it, as the Targus A7 provides extra protection that you don't get with most sleeves. 

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