Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Why doesn't Kobo implement Tolino's cloud hosting service?

Rakuten owns both Kobo and Tolino. Tolino, since being acquired by Rakuten, sells e-readers that are identical in terms of hardware with Kobo. Thus, for example, Tolino Vision 5 matches the Kobo Libra H20 and Tolino Epos 2 the Kobo Forma. Software, however, differs between Kobo and Tolino.

One software aspect that Tolino excels at is support for wireless management of e-book libraries and the syncing between devices of personal documents. The Tolino Cloud allows the user to upload e-books to be synced between a Tolino e-reader and application. It is also possible to put e-books and PDF documents into categories and have the categories synced too. It is a great feature that even exceeds the support that Amazon offers for personal documents. 

I don't know why Kobo doesn't implement the Tolino cloud feature - together with public library support the extensive support of wireless management of e-book libraries would significantly enhance the reading experience.

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