Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Alternative EMR styluses for Onyx Boox and Boyue e-readers

An upside of most note-taking e-readers using EMR styluses is the relative ease to find alternatives (if you don't like the generic stylus Onyx Boox and Boyue include with their e-readers) or replacements. I've tried Samsung's EMR-based S-Pen on the Likebook Ares Note, and it worked without issue (the rubber-tipped S-Pen felt superior to Boyue's hard-tipped stylus). Wacom - the patent holder of electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology - also sells styluses that are compatible with Remarkable, Onyx Boox, Boyue, and Supernote devices. Below are two available options:

Both options above are battery-free, have an 0.7 mm tip and 4000 pressure levels. 

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