Saturday, 18 July 2020

The Kobo Nia or the Kindle Paperwhite?

Kobo released a new entry-level e-reader - the Kobo Nia. At £90 the Nia costs £20 more than the Kindle Basic. Yet, you get twice the storage (8GB) and a sharper 212 PPI display (the Kindle Basic has a 167 PPI resolution). Plus, there are no ads on the Nia. In comparison, Amazon makes the user pay an extra £10 to remove its annoying ads. Without Question, compared to the Kindle Basic, the Kobo Nia is the better value entry-level e-reader. Another positive is Kobo's support of borrowing e-books from public libraries - a service Amazon is yet to offer outside the US.

Despite the price difference, if you are platform agnostic, I would still pick the mid-range Kindle Paperwhite over the Nia. The reason for choosing the Paperwhite is that Amazon sets an official retail price but regularly discounts its devices. Thus, there are e-reader discounts, for example, on Mother's Day, Prime Day, Black Friday and Easter.  In comparison, Kobo discounts its e-readers less frequently. Unless in a hurry to purchase an e-reader, it makes better sense to wait and buy a discounted Kindle Paperwhite that sells between £80 - £100. Though Kobo sometimes lowers the Libra H20 to £130 - at that price, considering size is premium in the e-reader world, the Libra H20 is unbeatable value as the extra inch makes a big difference to the reading experience. 

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