Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Single-tasking the workspace

Keeping multiple browser tabs isn't a good idea - not only does it mean a cluttered workspace but it also distracts from getting work done. Tab Wrangler is a browser extension that seeks to resolve the tab addiction problem. Still, it merely automatically closes inactive tabs and stores them to be accessed later via a tab corral. The problem with the extension is that the tabs are not entirely out of sight. The bigger problem is multi-tasking and potentially getting distracted from the task that needs to be completed.

The best option, in my view, is to stay focused and single-task. Consequently, what is needed is a complete change in work habits. The question that follows is what is to be done with tabs containing articles and documents? Different options are possible with Kobo and Kindle e-readers:

  • Kobo has Pocket support inbuilt to its software - this means web articles saved via the Pocket browser extension will sync directly to the e-reader. Amazon, on the other hand, supports an official browser extension that can be configured to send formatted web articles to a Kindle.
  • The Kobo Forma supports Dropbox integration that makes it possible to download and transfer a PDF document to Dropbox to be then synced. Afterwards, the wirelessly transferred document can be read using KOReader. Kindles support the option to email a PDF document via email directly; it is also possible to convert the PDF document to text-based formatting to be read more easily on a six-inches e-reader. However, the results of the format will depend on the PDF document sent.

Options are higher with Android e-readers. One possibility is to use Folder Sync Pro to work between devices wirelessly. Folder Sync Pro supports Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. The Pocket app can also be installed from the Google Play Store to read stored articles.

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