Wednesday, 24 June 2020

How to install and use dictionaries on Boyue e-readers

As posted before, Boyue's e-readers require trial and error to discover its features. Out of the box, for example, Boyue does not pre-install or support the download of wirelessly hosted dictionaries. Likebook e-readers come with a manual in which there is a section on adding a thesaurus file but the instruction provided merely guides the user to place StarDict files in the DICT folder. However, there are no further instructions on where to find dictionaries to install. A repository of StarDict dictionaries is available here; dual-language translation dictionaries can be found here.

The process of installing a dictionary is relatively straightforward but might be more challenging for the novice user that has previously used a Kindle or Kobo e-reader. First, it is necessary to find a StarDict dictionary. Second, the dictionary comes compressed in a TAR file and needs to be unpacked using, e.g., WinRar. Third, the folder in the unpacked dictionary should be copied and pasted into the DICT folder. Finally, as the Chinese system dictionary is set as default, the user then needs to enter the dictionary app to select the order side-loaded dictionaries appears in the native software. After completing the set-up process, it is possible to switch between dictionaries by swiping right after selecting a word.


  1. Thank you for this post. I've been looking for a way to add a dictionary.
    I'm trying to follow your instructions, but got stuck on setting up the dictionary app. Where do I find these settings? There doesn't seem to be a dictionary app...

  2. Welcome - glad to help.

    The dictionary app doesn't need setting up. It is already installed and part of the software. You'll find the app next to Boyue' app store.

    In the dictionary app, you will see a dictionary icon to the far right (at the top) that gives you access to dictionary settings. In the settings, you can then choose the order of dictionaries (you need first to install the dictionary for it to appear in the list).