Saturday, 7 December 2019

Recommended Fire HD 10 accessories

In this post, I’ll provide accessories recommendations for the recently updated Fire HD 10 (a future post will be dedicated to reviewing the tablet). Below is a list of useful accessories:
  • Amazon’s 7th generation cover: Amazon’s latest generation cases are over-priced, but there is no disputing the quality of materials used. However, the good news is that the discounted previous generation’s case fits the 9th generation Fire HD 10 (it seems Amazon skipped a generation when releasing the new model as the 9th!). The older case is near identical to the updated one – the difference in the newer one is a logo change on the cover and different matching colours (strangely Amazon sells a sage case, but there is no version of the 9th generation tablet in that colour). Further, the case’s stand is useful when using the tablet in show mode. 
  • Amazon Basics 11" Felt Laptop Sleeve: I’ve tried different Amazon Basics products and found the budget cost doesn’t mean a compromise in usability. The 11-inches Amazon Basics sleeve is a good option for those not wanting to use a bulky case. 
  • TiMOVO back case: The Amazon’s Fire HD 10 7th generation case has both back and front protection. The case’s only down-side is that it adds significant weight when holding the tablet. The TiMOVO back case is lighter and protects the tablet from small drops. As the back case does not have a front cover, it is a good idea to use the Amazon Basics sleeve for front protection. 
  • Kitsound BoomBar+: The Amazon Fire HD 10 doesn’t have good speakers. Accordingly, if you want to use the tablet in show mode, to listen to the radio or play music, it is a good idea to connect to an external Bluetooth speaker. One cost-effective option is the Kitsound’s BoomBar+ - the BoomBar+’s battery lasts long and is available at a reasonable price.

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