Monday, 4 November 2019

Kobo Forma’s Dropbox integration

Kobo recently sent out an update that allowed users to access personal documents via Dropbox wirelessly. Dropbox support is an important feature, so I expect other Kobo e-readers to receive it too. In this post, I’ll review the feature and what it can and can’t do.

What it can do 

Dropbox integration means it is possible to upload documents on any device and access them on the Forma. Further, document categories created in Dropbox appear on the Forma. Accordingly, it is possible to keep a categorised library in the cloud and only download the required documents to save space. Once downloaded, the document is available on the device but can also be removed without affecting its availability in the cloud to re-download.

What it can’t do 

Once downloaded, an e-book’s annotations, bookmarks and reading location do not sync to Dropbox. Kindle personal documents, in comparison, sync downloaded documents to the Amazon cloud. 

Currently, Dropbox integration is only supported on the Forma, so it is not possible to sync to other devices or Kobo’s mobile applications. However, the syncing of documents is still necessary, as it provides a cloud back-up of annotations and bookmarks if the user is forced to do a factory re-set. Again, to compare, the syncing of personal documents to third-party cloud storage is supported by Moon+ Reader (Moon+ Reader also supports syncing to multiple third-party cloud platforms).

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