Sunday, 15 September 2019

Review of the Kobo Forma SleepCover

It is difficult to find cases for a-symmetric e-readers (Kindle Oasis, Kobo Forma and Kobo Libra H2O). Most universal 7 – 8-inches cases will not fit, and this means the necessity of choosing a case designed specifically for the e-reader. In the case of Kobo e-readers, compared to Kindle, there is also a smaller pool of third-party cases available. Further, many alternative cases are built from lower-quality materials, and some have design defects.

Another option is to buy a sleeve but a-symmetric e-readers, due to the extra width, don’t always fit into universal sleeves. For example, it is not possible to fit the Forma inside the Amazon Basics 8-inches tablet sleeve. Due to limited options, I decided to test the official Forma sleep cover. Without doubt, Kobo, like other established vendors, has priced its case too high, but it is possible to find the case at a lower price from third-party sellers. The case is well designed and does not add a lot of weight to the Forma. Below are my impressions after using the case:
  • Build quality and materials are good. The case’s outer material is made with PU leather. The inside of the front cover is a soft microfibre, and the back’s interior is made from hard plastic for extra protection. A problem with the soft microfibre is that it stains quickly. The case also comes in black and plum.
  • When you fold the front cover backwards, it magnetically attaches itself to the back. The locking of the cover to the rear is an excellent feature that prevents the front cover flopping and moving when folded. Amazon supports the same function with its Kindle Paperwhite cases, but many vendors and third-party accessories manufacturers neglect this feature. 
  • The origami design allows the user to convert the cover into a stand for hands-free reading in both portrait and landscape mode. As the magnetic cover locks to the back, the converted stand is stable. A negative is that there is only one viewing angle, and this angle is slightly steep. 
  • The case has a slim profile that leaves the side edge uncovered. Kobo should’ve kept the power button and charging port exposed and covered the rest of the side edge. 
Kobo Forma’s official case is well-designed but has its flaws. The build quality and materials used also don’t justify the high price. Pricing aside, the official case is the best option available for the Forma.


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