Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The Kindle Oasis 2: Is it a good buy now the Oasis 3 has been released?

I’ve previously stated that the Kindle Oasis 2, considering its features, didn’t offer value. However, does the reduced £200 price of the Oasis 2 (8GB version), after the release of the Oasis 3, make the device a better proposition? Overall, I find the Kobo H20 (Edition 2) to be the better option. It is £50 cheaper, and you still get most of the Oasis 2’s features: waterproofing, 8GB storage and near same screen size. The Kobo H20’s slightly lower 265 PPI isn’t significant to make a difference; further, the Kobo H20, in contrast to the Oasis 2, does support white and warm lighting. Plus, you can easily install KOReader to read PDF documents on the H20 (Edition 2). Newer Kindle e-readers are more challenging to jailbreak to install KOReader. 

For the user invested in the Kindle eco-system, the price differential between the Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis 2 is now £80. I think the price difference is justifiable, considering the extra amount gets a larger screen and better front lighting. I am not a fan of the Oasis 2 and Kobo H20’s screens, but they are not bad (the contrast could be better on both devices). Also, the Kobo H20 (Edition 2) has a darker screen.

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