Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Android e-readers & rotation control

I've used Boyue and Onyx Boox Android e-readers, and both lack the feature to universally control rotation. The option to control rotation is only available in the native e-reading application.

The missing rotation feature is essential as it means there is no way to rotate the screen when using some third-party applications (some applications, e.g., Moon+ Reader, natively support the feature). For example, writing in landscape mode is not supported in Writer Plus (the developers appear to assume that all Android devices support auto-rotation by default).

It is possible to install a third-party application to manage rotation - e.g., Rotation Control - but these applications don't seamlessly integrate into the default interface of Onyx and Boyue e-readers. Specifically, in the case of Rotation Control, I found it necessary to continuously re-start the application.

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