Thursday, 17 January 2019

Managing storage on a 32GB Windows 10 laptop

Many entry-level laptops are configured with 32GB storage. The limited storage is not ideal for Windows 10, but it is still possible to make it work. Below are some tips to manage the limited storage:
  1. Do a disk clean-up regularly and make sure system files are cleared too. After a system update, the update files remain and often take up space. 
  2. I previously posted that Windows 10 doesn’t support the syncing of OneDrive files to an external storage drive. I was wrong – it appears Windows OneDrive recently supported the feature. Read this Windows Central guide on how to change the default OneDrive folder location in Windows 10 (the default folder can be located on an external drive). I would use at least a 32GB SD Card to expand storage. It is also a good idea to use a class 10 SD Card, to ensure faster read/write speeds. 
  3. Manage storage in system settings: In storage settings, it is possible to choose where content is saved. It is also possible, by default, to set the saving of apps and documents to an SD Card.

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