Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Kobo's mobile application neglects important features

Kobo recently released a firmware update to its other e-readers that finally supports the option to enable/remove the header and or the footer (the Kobo Forma was the first device to support the feature). It is a positive update but should've been supported before.

There are other issues with Kobo's mobile applications. The addition of the following key features can resolve some of these issues:
  1. The ability to set text layout to two columns in landscape mode is not supported in iOS.
  2. The Android application has limited font options (there are three fonts available - Droid Sans Serif, Droid Serif and the publisher's default font).
  3. There is no way to change margins and line spacing settings.
  4. No option to export annotations and highlights.
  5. No option to upload personal documents to collections to then sync to a Kobo e-reader or another device.
  6. In Kobo's iOS application you can't access the Kobo store within the application.

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