Thursday, 20 September 2018

Amazon focuses on Alexa enabled devices and neglects the Kindle

Continuing the focus on Alexa functionality, Amazon announced a range of new Alexa enabled devices (I think some of these devices, e.g., the Amazon Basics Alexa-powered microwave, are gimmicky). We've also seen this Alexa focus with the so-called new update of the Amazon Fire HD 8 - an update that wasn't really an update but instead focused on the show mode charging dock.

Amazon will continue to market their e-readers but there is a realisation that e-reader ownership continues to drop. A new Kindle Paperwhite, for example, might not alter this trend. The Kindle Oasis, on the other hand, is marketed to the committed digital reader that will pay extra for a premium device. Considering the e-reader trend, I cannot see Amazon updating the Kindle Basic or the Paperwhite in 2018 and the Alexa related hardware event confirms the neglect of the Kindle. 

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