Tuesday, 21 August 2018

HP needs to update the HP Stream series

As stated in the previous post, ASUS recently updated some of their budget laptops with Intel Gemini Lake processors. Similarly, Acer has updated the Aspire 1 series with the Gemini Lake N4000 Celeron processor. HP, so far, haven't refreshed the budget HP Stream series. There are two categories to the HP Stream series:
  1. A general consumer category powered by the HP Braswell N3060 processor. This category consists of laptops in two screen sizes - 11.6 inches and 14 inches. In the UK, the 11.6 version is only available with 2GB RAM. There is also an 11.6 inches HP Stream x360 - a touch convertible laptop with similar specifications to the conventional Stream 11 and 14. 
  2.  An education targeted model - the HP Stream 11 Pro G4 - that runs a stronger quad-core Apollo Lake Celeron N3450. 
The current generation of HP Stream's consumer laptops was released late 2016, so they are due an update. If HP decides to keep the Stream laptops beyond education, then we might see the HP Stream 11 and 14 refreshed with the N4000 processor. It would also give the Stream laptops a stand-out if they were equipped with IPS screens. The current HP Stream 14's screen is terrible - the colours are washed out and with poor viewing angles.

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