Thursday, 12 July 2018

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Review

Below is Chrome Unboxed's review of Acer's Chromebook Tab 10. It is the first Chrome OS tablet that is targeted for use in the classroom. The stand-out I got from this review is the relatively weak processor (Rockchip OP1). The processor works well for tablet tasks, e.g., content consumption and basic productivity (e.g., note-taking), but is not powerful enough to support desktop environment tasks.

Acer gets it wrong with the underpowered processor, in my view, as this is a tablet that runs Chrome OS. Due to the operating system, the Tab 10 is more comparable to a desktop two-in-one device, e.g. the recently released Surface Go or the HP Chromebook X2. Both the Surface Go and HP Chromebook X2 run more powerful Intel processors that can do more within the desktop environment. At the price ($329), considering this is being marketed as an 'educational tablet', it might be better to choose an Apple iPad. Overall, in the classroom, a laptop Chromebook is a cost-effective solution.

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