Thursday, 7 June 2018

Amazon's Kindle e-readers now support sideloaded fonts

Amazon released a firmware update for its Kindle e-readers (5.9.6). The highlight of the update is the support for sideloaded fonts. Unfortunately, similar to the bolding feature, side-loaded fonts do not work in MOBI e-books. I found that converting an e-book, in Calibre, to both new and old formats of MOBI sometimes resolves this problem. The other option is to convert the e-book to an AZW3 e-book but this works only through sideloading the document via USB, as Amazon doesn’t allow users to send AZW3 e-books wirelessly to their Kindle device. A major issue with sideloading an e-book is that it will not be archived online in personal documents and synced across devices. Another new feature with the firmware update is support for Arabic e-books.

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