Monday, 18 December 2017

CLEARink's display technology

The advent of the mainstream consumer e-reader, introduced by Sony and Amazon (2006 – 2007), contributed to the growth of innovative low-power reflective displays that supported colour. For example, we had different e-paper applications from Fujitsu, Plastic Logic, Mirasol and Liquavista (acquired by Amazon). At first, these e-paper solutions were promising but, so far, nothing materialised

CLEARink is another e-paper solution that promises not only static colour solutions but also video support. The initial focus, according to CLEARink, is to produce devices targeted at education and this means support for both text and video output. If CLEARink delivers on its promise we might even see low-powered laptops fitted with a CLEARink display, making them ideal for outdoor reading/writing and with positive eyesight health implications too. This idea is not new, 'One Laptop per Child Foundation' previously partnered with Pixel Xi to produce dual-mode display laptops (Pixel Xi no longer operates). Pixel Xi's dual-mode display, different to CLEARink's technology, allowed the screen's backlight to be turned on and off; the idea was to preserve energy and support outdoor readability.

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