Saturday, 23 September 2017

Amazon cuts the right corners again with the updated Fire HD 10

Amazon announced the release of their Fire HD 10 and, again, they've cut the right corners. The Fire HD 10 2017 gets a similar 'upgrade/downgrade' and slash in cost as the 2016 Fire HD 8 update. Yes, there is a higher resolution, better battery, more RAM/storage and a faster processor. However, at the same time, the back camera has been significantly downgraded and the overall weight of the tablet increased. I would also speculate, judging from the 2016 Fire HD 8 update, that the 2017 HD 10's screen quality is downgraded compared to the previous generation (screen quality is just as important as resolution). Overall, Amazon is cutting the right corners again, as they did with the 2016 Fire HD 8.

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