Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Why Kobo is the best option for larger e-readers

If you are looking for an e-reader larger than 6 inches then Kobo is the best option (Kobo sells devices at three different sizes: 6, 6.8 and 7.8 inches). Below are some reasons that make Kobo e-readers the right choice:
  1. Quality hardware: Onyx and Boyue screens are hit and miss. There are also problems with optimising the screen with the software. Consequently, problems with screen refresh are common with alternative vendors. Kobo's integration between software and hardware is superior.
  2. Easier returns: Front-lit e-readers can come with defects, e.g. bright spots is a common issue. Kobo's larger scale - owned by Rakuten - means device return is easier if there is a display defect. 
  3. OverDrive integration: You don't need to install an Android application, designed for tablets, to access OverDrive. Further, e-books may be borrowed and read using Kobo's software. 
  4. Cost: Larger e-readers are a niche product in an e-reader market dominated by the six-inch form factor and so pricing tends to be inflated. For example, the eight-inch ONYX BOOX I86ML is priced near £220 and the 6.8-inch ONYX BOOX T76 Plus is priced at £160. Kobo, in comparison, price the Aura One at £190 and the previous generation Kobo H20 (6.8 inch E-Ink Carta display) at £130.  
  5. KOReader: It is possible to install third-party e-reading applications on Kobo e-readers; this is a good thing, as Kobo's PDF support is poor. KOReader remedies the problem of poor PDF support and optimises PDF reading on a relatively small 7 - 8-inch screen.

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