Monday, 14 August 2017

The Fire 7 is still a good secondary or child friendly device

The Fire 7 gets the basics right - a capable device for streaming video content, checking email, reading e-books, listening to audiobooks etc. In other words, it is an affordable and compact medium to access Prime content and more. Below is a short review of the updated Fire 7 in comparison to the previous generation (released late 2015):
  • Performance is adequate but can be frustrating when multi-tasking, switching between applications and loading content (the device comes with only 1GB RAM); once content is loaded then the Fire 7 generally runs smoothly.
  • Amazon advertises the updated Fire 7 with "higher contrast and sharper text" and this is no marketing gimmick. The screen on the 2017 Fire 7 is better than the previous generation. The resolution is the same but contrast levels and colour saturation are improved.
  • Battery life is slightly better and gets close to a full day of mixed use.
  • The device is lightweight, compact and makes a good travel companion.
  • For the same price as the previous generation, the updated Fire 7 gets you more tablet. However, with this being said, since Amazon slashed the price of the Fire HD 8 late 2016 and again mid-2017, the pricing difference between the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 has decreased and this makes the latter the better value and choice. The difference between the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 is now only £30 and for that, you get a better processor, larger HD screen, stereo speaker output, longer battery life, more RAM and twice the storage. It is not surprising, considering the Fire HD 8's better value, that the tablet is a best seller on 
  • Yes, the Fire HD 8 is the better overall option but the Fire 7 has its use cases. For example, it is a better option for children or a useful secondary lightweight device to take when commuting or travelling.

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