Thursday, 12 November 2015

Apple, the future & the iPad Pro

Reviews for Apple's iPad Pro are skewed, as is often the case with Apple products. Too many reviews accept Apple’s framing that this is the future – a large tablet that is finally a post-laptop device. It is now a cliché with Apple products to uncritically take their marketing line to then frame reviews. For example, TechRadar notes that using this device makes you an early adopter, with Apple again, supposedly, setting the trend:
The iPad Pro might, in the future, be seen as normal, in the same way that a 5-inch screen on a phone is viewed as regular now, where just five years ago you looked like a mental early adopter holding a massive device to your ear to use such a thing.
This is similar when Apple recently introduced its Macbook that was marketed as light years ahead! In response, reviews tended to take that line. For example, a review by 'The Verge' termed its features as "inventions" and the future for laptops. The only thing is that we are not there yet, to make use of these features. Hence, again, we are made to believe the aura of Apple's visionary trend-setting status.

The point with the iPad Pro is that it is not a new concept at all. Samsung introduced a similar large tablet device with productivity features, i.e. the Samsung Note Pro 12.2. What Apple tends to do, as is the case with near all major manufacturers, is to work off ideas that already exist and make the end product better and then over-charge. In this case, the iPad Pro might be the same concept as the Note Pro 12.2 but it is a far better product for the same purpose.

The Surface Pro, on the other hand, which is compared to the iPad Pro, is a different device. The Surface Pro is a laptop replacement that is not restricted to mobile apps. It runs full desktop software and does it on excellent hardware. The problem, I believe, is that Microsoft does not differentiate its operating system, across devices, adequately. The Windows Store is scarce, as full blown Windows isn't a serious platform to develop mobile applications. At this moment, it would be inconceivable to see a comparable device to the iPad Pro released by Microsoft, as there is no dedicated operating system comparable to iOS or Android.

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