Friday, 25 September 2015

Finally, the ideal Chromebook

I think, finally, we have the ideal Chromebook. Toshiba will be releasing a new iteration for their Chromebook 2 and it meets the check-list for the ideal Chromebook, in my opinion. The base model comes with an IPS display, 4GB RAM, an Intel Celeron Broadwell processor, good battery life and is priced similar to the previous iteration when released (it is also just under three pounds, matching the weight of the previous Chromebook 2, despite not being fanless). Possibly, the only missing option, would be the a 11.6 version of the Chromebook for those who prefer a more compact option. What makes the Toshiba Chromebooks successful is that Toshiba listens to Chromebook users and decided to respond to the one area that users flagged regarding the Chromebook 2, i.e. lacklustre performance.

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