Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chromebook specs comparison chart

This website has an excellent overview of Chromebooks since its initial release in 2011. It shows a stark increase in battery life, with some Chromebooks now reaching up to 13 hours. In regards to performance, then 2013 saw a performance spike with Octane scores figuring between 11000 - 12000 due to the release of Haswell based Chromebooks, though only a few Chromebooks were released late that year. It is an oddity with Chromebooks that prices fluctuate more with RAM and display, then with performance (this probably due to the relative scarcity of Chromebooks with an IPS display and/or 4GB RAM). For example, the HP Chromebook 11 with an IPS display, powered by an Exynos processor, retailed at a similar price to the Acer C720 that came with more than a 50% performance increase.

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